My entry into nature photography evolved from the tragic loss of my son, Jordan Hans Heusinkveld. On our way to Iowa City, a careless driver struck us head-on, killing Jordan upon impact. I nearly bled to death on the highway. This loss of blood changed my life forever.

Over time, it became apparent that my memory was impaired and that subtle behavioral changes were occurring. I became unable to work as a behavior disorders teacher. I also felt profound grief over the loss of Jordan Hans.

I’ve coped with these issues by immersing myself in nature photography. I’ve found solace, relief and peace by photographing beautiful landscapes.

I especially enjoy taking pictures in the Amana colony, and its 25,000 acres of forests and farmland.

I also spend time taking pictures at my cabin in Voyager’s National Park in northern Minnesota.
My mother, photographer Joan Liffring-Zug-Bourret, has been especially helpful in launching my career in photography. She’s provided me with cameras and feedback on my photographs. My dear wife, Carol Roemig-Heusinkveld, has also assisted me in my photographic endeavors. She’s been extremely patient and understanding of my quirks and needs.

I’m forever indebted to these two ladies.

David B. Heusinkveld

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